Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Day Off For Mid-Year Movie Reviews

With June nearly wrapped up, it seems a good time to review the movie year that has been, and give an updated look forward. Everything I missed early in the year in theatres is now coming out to video and, of course, I'm now working three nights a week plus the entire weekend, so I still haven't had time to catch up! That being said, we've still taken in plenty of films, and, thankfully, there haven't been too many bad ones.



I've been looking forward to Daybreakers for months, ever since it was supposed to come out near the end of 2009. Then it got delayed until January. Then it got moved away out of theatres quickly. Then I rented it. Then I wondered what I was so looking forward to. While it was not without its charm (vampire-y charm), it seemed that entire sections of the story (i.e. the plot) were missing. What should have been a neat new twist on a old story just seemed to come up short.

Also saw:

Leap YearWhen in RomeEdge of Darkness


Shutter Island
Shutter Island

You can find my original Shutter Island review here, and after careful consideration, both Meaghan and I (as well as Jenn and Anita) are mostly certain that we enjoyed it. It features a twist that sort of sneaks up on you (unless you've been warned there is such a twist, in which case it leaps out at you), and certainly provides its intended level of creepiness.

Also saw:

Dear John


How to Train Your Dragon
How To Train Your Dragon

Although it wasn't the biggest movie of the month, How to Train Your Dragon turned out to be one of the better films of the year thus far. Dragons are made cute, the 3D was exceptional, and despite the fact that the vikings had Scottish accents, the entire movie was a treat. Jay Baruchel (who voiced the main protagonist) is definitely having a huge year.

Also saw:

Alice in WonderlandThe Bounty Hunter



Kick-Ass almost didn't make it into my original movie preview for this year, but I re-considered and added it. It's a good thing I did. Essentially, this is a comic book on film - the violence and frenetic pace seems ripped directly off the pages of a graphic novel. There were some issues with the young girl in the film using severely adult language, and the general amount of violence, but at the heart of it, this is essentially a movie about someone that's tired of inactivity. And likes the colour green.

Also saw:

Death at a FuneralClash of the TitansDate Night


Robin Hood
Robin Hood

As Meaghan and I watched Robin Hood, we kept waiting for the parts that have earned it only a 44% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. We watched the action unfold, and thought to ourselves, "Hmmm...all the reviews said there was very little action." The two-hour-and-28-minute runtime flew by, which was odd, seeing as many reviews decried its lack of entertainment. The only thing that seemed to jive with the reviews was that the movie was not faithful to the original canon. Well, strap me down and flog me with a wet noodle. They rearranged some shit in The Lord of the Rings too. No, Robin Hood is not The Lord of the Rings, but it deserved much more credit than it got for being a wonderfully acted and directed movie.

Also saw:

Iron Man 2


The A-Team
The A-Team

I'm writing this with The A-Team fresh in my mind, as Meaghan and I saw it this past weekend. Essentially, this is a two-hour episode of the show. Basically, everyone is a bad guy at some point in the film, and thus, deserves to have an explosion aimed at them. The casting choices were inspired - Liam Neeson plays the cigar-chomping Hannibal Smith to a T, Bradley Cooper is excellent as Templeton Peck without Dirk Benedict's 1980s creepiness, Quinton Jackson does as much as is necessary to be BA Baracus, and Sharlto Copley channels his inner psych patient as Howling Mad Murdock. A guy movie, to be sure, but one that should certainly be enjoyed by the ladies as well.

Also saw:

Knight and Day


July 16

DiCaprio. Nolan. This can't be bad.

July 23

A spy thriller for a birthday movie? Sounds good!


The Other Guys
August 6

Despite the silliness at all the awards shows, I am still deeply intrigued by this movie.

The Expendables
August 13

Stallone wrote and directed this, so it will no doubt be garbage. But awesome, awesome garbage.


The American
September 1

Enh, why not?

The Adjustment Bureau
September 17

I love me some Philip K. Dick.


October 22

There's still nothing exciting coming out, so why force it?


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
November 19

The first part of the last part. What will replace Harry Potter after July 2011?


True Grit
December 25

I'm not a big Coen Brothers fan, but I do see a lot of their films.

And there you have it. Happy viewing!

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