Thursday, June 03, 2010

On Baseball and Balladiers (The Balladiers Part)

Last summer, Meaghan and I took in a pair of concerts. This summer will be quite the same (although, not on consecutive nights), but the bands are going to be quite different.

First up is Rufus Wainwright at Elgin Theatre in a couple of weeks. I think I can safely say Rufus will vault directly to the top of my "Never Thought I'd See Him in Concert" List, ahead of Hawksley Workman and Jully Black from a couple of years ago.

Rufus Wainwright

Then, in July, Bon Jovi will be teaming up with Kid Rock (it sounds like it will be Country Kid Rock, rather than Hard Rock Kid Rock or White Rapper Kid Rock) at the Rogers Centre. It's hard to believe this concert is almost here - we've had the tickets since Christmas.

Bon Jovi

I think it's safe to say neither of these concerts will feature pre-show performances at The Edge, but you never know.

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jennijenn3 said...

thats an intersting pair of concerts you guys are about to partake in...far different from last years bill...i have heard they both put on a good show...enjoy :)