Thursday, June 24, 2010

Rufus Beckschnurr

Tuesdays got a little more exciting last week, as Meaghan and I attended Rufus Wainwright's show at the Elgin Theatre.

Rufus Wainwright

Having never seriously listened to Rufus, I was rather unsure whether I'd actually recognize any of his songs1, but I knew he's a talented pianist with an excellent voice. I had also heard several rumours of his showmanship - which was definitely on display - and his diva-ish nature - which was not.

The first "act", in which the audience was not to clap or take photos, featured Rufus in a feather-necked black gown, playing songs dedicated to his late mother. His "entrance" and "exit" featured him slowly (slowly) walking towards his piano, and you could tell that many in the audience were a little confused as to what precisely was going on.

His second act, though, was much brighter and poppier. As depicted above, there was a lot more colour, and he talked to the audience in between almost every song. Although pictures were allowed, the Counter Terrorism Ushers were quick to leap on anyone that dared to use a flash.

Essentially, we saw two shows, each a stark contrast to the other, saw Trevor Boris of Video On Trial "fame", and saw plenty of interesting outfits.

As if that didn't give us enough entertainment, Meaghan, Jenn and I went to the bustling metropolis of Formosa, just outside of the bustling-er metropolis of Mildmay, for Nancy and Mark's Buck and Doe.

Mildmay Cheese Haus

The planning for this event has been ongoing for a few months now, and despite an up-and-down level of communication, it more or less went off without a hitch. The three of us, plus a couple of the groomsmen manned with entrance/50-50/drink ticket table, and saw firsthand just how much money they must have made. Hell, the 50-50 draws earned the winners $175.

I think on Nancy's side, there was more family than friends, as Formosa is not exactly around the corner from Orangeville and the various other places that everyone found themselves. All in all, though, I hope and think they both had an excellent time, especially as the after-party probably went until the sun came up. God knows we were getting to bed around that time after the drive home.

1 - I knew three!

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