Thursday, July 08, 2010

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Work of Art: The Next Great Artist

Bravo! has a new show, Work of Art: The Next Great Artist. I hadn't intended to watch it, but it was on last night, and it caught my interest. From what I can see, the show features a lot of esoteric humour (What Would Tom Friedman Do?), and painstakingly crafted bedhead hairdos. But, I'm not going to criticize the show, as I've only seen one episode. I will, however, explain why I'll never be an "art" critic.

The episode I watched featured art created from an electronics graveyard1; you can see the works here. The episode was won by "Captain Alliteration" Miles Mendenhall (of Minneapolis, Minnesota). The one criticism of his piece was that his use of two "anuses" on either side of the work was, perhaps, overkill.

See? Looking at his piece, I probably never would have even realized how anus-rich it was. But, there it was.

And that is why I will probably never be able to legitimately add "Art Cricket" to my resume.

1 - Almost everyone chose televisions, and almost all the pieces were critical of the place television plays in our lives. This, despite the fact that they are all attempting to achieve fame on a reality television show

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