Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Google Maps for Dummies

Meaghan, Ben, and I all met in Newmarket today for a dinner/movie evening. Before Ben got there, Meaghan and I decided to try to find some shoes at Sport Chek. When I was checking out, I told them I worked at Sport Mart in Orangeville, which elicited this reaction: "Wow, all the way down there?" This is the second time I've gotten stuff at that Sport Chek, and both times I have been met with incredulity that I'd come all the way from Orangeville.

Where do you think Orangeville is? To answer that, it's about 60 km from Newmarket. So, less than Meaghan commutes every day. Less than I commuted every day to Georgian. Less than a drive to a Jays game.

Good Lord, what would have happened if we'd actually found a Sport Chek in Ottawa and gotten stuff there?

On the plus sides, new kicks.

Nike Air Viturin

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