Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Headers and Footy

Meaghan and I, thoroughly engrossed in the World Cup1, took a trip to BMO Field on Canada Day to see Toronto FC square off against Houston Dynamo. I've been to one TFC game in the past, and that was on a cold, cold April day, so the prospect of a July game was much more exciting. We sat in virtually the same seats - although I do not remember being molested by confetti at the first game - which provide an excellent view of the field, and, just to our right, Lake Shore Blvd. and Ontario Place.

Pre-game confetti shower

An interesting thing about TFC games - and all soccer games, I would imagine - is the number of fans decked out head-to-toe in soccer gear, as though, at some point in the game, Preki would look into the stands, lock eyes with a fan, and summon him to compete for his side.

Orangeville's Nana Attakora

There were several high points - including the fan that ran afield at half-time, the all-out slap-fight scrap between Toronto and Houston, and the two goals scored from corners.

There was also the gentleman sitting in front of us that gave us dirty looks every time we shifted in our seats after Meaghan put her feet up for all of 30 seconds on the back of the seat next to him. I suggested to Meaghan that if he'd like to put her transgression in perspective, I could rest my legs on his shoulders, but this never became necessary as he buggered off at half-time and never returned.

Shot on target

The game ended 1-1, and all the action occurred in about the last half-hour.

As it was Canada Day, and we were right there, we also watched the fireworks from Ontario Place (about two hours after the game ended), with 300 of our closest friends. Unfortunately, not one of these friends was aware that the fireworks would not be taking place over the water, but from behind the Amphitheatre, so as the fireworks began, there was a panicked rush to a new vantage point.

The drive home was also not the high point of my day, as the Indy was in town, which drastically affected the traffic, not to mention the fact that two-way streets were turned into one-way in a rather haphazard way. We eventually got home, but not before we travelled about 5 km in 30 minutes just to get to the Lake Shore which, as I said, we could have spit on from our seats.

And with soccer and fireworks, our July got underway.

1 - Well, I was

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