Thursday, September 30, 2010

Has It Really Come to This?


Have we come to the point where, once again, I just do a big update on this once or twice a month?

Well, no. Because this will make the third time this month. So there.

In reality, though, with a combination of working (99% closes), searching for a new job, lying in limbo between weddings, and trying to enjoy myself at least a little, I haven't had a great deal of motivation. But, for some reason, after a bout of vacuuming, motivation seems to become me today.

So, without further adieu...

Pictures of Ben's wedding are up on Facebook, with more to come. The ones taken at the maid of honour's boyfriend's parents' house (hurray for possessives!) all turned out quite well, but I guess for the amount of time we were out there, they'd better have.

The next wedding in line is Nancy and Mark's over Thanksgiving, but hopefully there will be less 2 am driving involved with this one.

On the job front, it's becoming more painfully obvious to me that education, skills, and job-specific experience aren't what employers are looking for. I'm not sure what they are looking for, but I'm hoping that a Simpson-ized resume and cover letter are it. On the plus side, I've recently been getting more e-mails to say I haven't been selected as a candidate for the position. That's good, right? It's something, I suppose.

After the commercial break, Jim has sports.

Last week was a sporting week for the ages. On Tuesday, a good-sized group of us actually managed to organize ourselves enough to get down to a Jays game, hoping to see Jose Bautista's 50th homerun. The Jays did win, although Kevin Gregg insisted on making it interesting, and we did see three homeruns, although none of them came off of Bautista's bat.

The following night, Meaghan was invited to a Jays game through work, and when her original gaming partner couldn't make it, I moved into the spot. We watched from the hotel restaurant which, while still free with a buffet, is not the greatest way to watch a game. Once again, we saw plenty of homeruns, but none were of the 50th variety. Oddly, we haven't been to a single game this year that featured a Jose Bautista homerun. Somehow.

Oh, and, of course, the following night, Bautista finally did hit 50, which was the only run of the game. Swear words were uttered.

A week prior to the baseball adventures1, Meaghan and I whisked ourselves away to beautiful Buffalo for some discounted shopping. After a long, long day of shopping and a viewing of The American, we came back with a good selection of cruise wear.

Oh, yes, we're going on a cruise in November. After a good deal of hunting by my dad, Meaghan and I found a cruise departing in mid-November. It's my third cruise, and I've managed to wear down Meaghan to the point where she's willing to be stuck on a boat with me. The opportunity to throw me overboard may actually have helped.

And I think that about catches everything up.

1 - This is a Tarantino-directed entry

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