Thursday, September 02, 2010

Wacky Wedding Weekend of Wonders

In...Worillia? Damn.

Anyway, congratulations to Benjamin and Josee-Anne Gill, married now for nearly two weeks, after a lovely - albeit time-shifted - ceremony at Hawk Ridge Golf & Country Club.

What had been a tremendously long week - nothing quite like working eight days in a row - leading up to the weekend turned into a whirlwind three days of rehearsal, wedding, and recovery. Meaghan and I wound up missing the rehearsal due to weekend traffic (and my not being able to leave work more than 7 minutes early), but we were there for dinner at Kelsey's afterward. Ben and Josee thanked us all for our contributions to the weddings, gave us lovely gifts1, and did a lot of kid wrangling. And a thank you very much to Ben's parents for footing the food bill.

The day of the wedding seemed much more hectic than I think it actually was - the photographer was a little behind schedule, and I think that made time seem to get away from us. We, unfortunately, arrived at the venue after many of the guests, but they had the foresight to seat themselves, and we were not greeted by a gaggle of confused wedding-goers.

Everything at the service went quite swimmingly, although there was a little hiccup when the officiant informed us to "Sign our full name, however you sign it". Don't know about any of you, but I've never signed my full name in my life.2

After a long wait during an off-site photography shoot, we had a lovely chicken for dinner (although, Ben managed to sweet talk them into giving him a delicious steak), and absolutely superb cheesecake for dinner. The speeches were very nice, and Josee3 gave a nice little speech about a past babysitter that unfortunately passed away a few years ago.

The party went until the wee hours of the morning, with plenty of singing, dancing, and peeling Seran Wrap off of Ben's car - which I was driving, not him, so I was less than impressed. Things got a little confusing where, between Meaghan and I, we had to get three cars to three different locations. Hawk Ridge isn't far from Ben and Josee's (where we were staying), but at 2:30 in the morning and with a lovely rain coming down, it certainly felt like it. But, we all got home safe and sound, and didn't so much as sleep but black out for five hours of much-needed rest.

Sunday was supposed to involve paintball, but the rain had not yet ceased and none of us were really in any condition to exert any more physical toll on ourselves than operating a toaster. But, there was still time to open gifts, relax, watch TV, and head out to a movie before the crew called it a night.

It was an honour to be selected as Ben's Best Man, and hopefully I fulfilled my duties. Pictures are slowly popping up on Facebook4, so enjoy them at your own leisure, but pictures can only tell half the story. The week of aching bodies for the entirety of the wedding party and assorted others helps to tell the rest.

1 - I got a mug and a laser pen, which I was not allowed to use on the day of the wedding
2 - Josee's sister was the only one that didn't, but the officiant didn't seem to mind
3 - Clocked at 27 minutes by the videographer
4 - Although there haven't been many of Steve's Sock Dance

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Anonymous said...

sounds like a lovely, hectic day :) pics are nice too...i still want to see one of u and meaghan...