Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Great Garbage Conundrum of 2010

There is a new restaurant in Orangeville, right behind Sport Mart. It replaces East Side Mario's (but will probably be staffed by all the same people). It is called Fionn MacCool's - there is one in Calgary, five in Toronto, and one in Orangeville. An odd dispersal indeed, but seeing as the main function of the restaurant seems to be providing white people with the opportunity to liken pre-drinking a few Blues before nursing a multi-syllabic stout on a Saturday night to the experience of drinking in a European pub1, Orangeville is a pretty safe investment.

Fionn MacCool's

But, seeing as I haven't been there yet, I suppose I'll have to post about the surreal state of our garbage bins since they took over. We had previously shared two garbage bins - one for cardboard and one for garbage - with East Side's, and since they've been closed, we've had our own.

Since Fionn's moved in, we've had both of our bins taken, and replaced by new ones that we are not allowed to use. Seriously, we threw out some cardboard and came into work the next day to find it had been removed from the bin and placed next to our loading door. Both our receiver and assistant manager have been lectured by Fionn's employees about our use of "their" garbage bins. I'm not entirely sure how we co-existed with East Side's for so long.

I'm also not sure how two garbage bins disappeared overnight; those aren't exactly the kinds of things you can bungee cord to your roof.

I'm looking forward to developing a friendship with Fionn MacCool's based solely on absurd claims and outright craziness. What better way to deal with one's neighbours?

1 - Although I fully expect to enjoy patronizing this establishment

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jennijenn3 said...

hmm...that is a problem...funny how u said same people working there...brandon has moved from kelseys to the new establishment...i've heard pretty good things about it (mostly from drunks though ;) anita's brother is trying to get a gig there...perhaps we all should go check it out...