Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ignorance Is...Apparently Harder to Come By than it Seems

Rotten Tomatoes

Not that I particularly rely on critic picks to decide what movies I do and don't want to see, I do like to visit Rotten Tomatoes just to see how the winds are blowing.

One person I always make sure to read is Armond White who writes for the New York Press. I enjoy reading him because, well, he's a raving lunatic. Well, not so much a lunatic, but a giant troll who barely agrees with the other critics more than not. To give you a sample:

The Social Network - 6 of 203 critics rated it "Rotten" (less than 60% approval); one of them was Armond White
The Town - 9 of 177 critics rated it "Rotten", and guess who was one of them?
Easy A - rated "Fresh" by 120 of 140 critics, of whom White was not one. He even said the film was a front-runner for the worst of the year

And he doesn't just rag on films that perform well to other critics. He rates poor movies well:

Grown Ups1 - only 14 of 150 critics said it was "Fresh"; White was one
Jonah Hex - 18 for 137? Armond accounts for one of them

But, I'm not writing this to rate his criticisms. I'm writing because his reviews regularly receive more comments than anyone else's. Hundreds, if not thousands. And what do most people say? They rag on him for how idiotic his reviews are, and they call him a troll. Every time. Hundreds of people say the same things hundreds of times.

You know what else you can do? Ignore him. I don't know whether it's an editorial thing or a personal thing, but he clearly writes his reviews to garner this kind of attention. Just ignore him! Christ, this is why bad TV shows stay on the air - people still watch them, and complain about the same things every week.

On the plus side, reading his reviews is a nice glimpse into the mind of a looney tune.

1 - Which actually wasn't terrible

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