Friday, December 10, 2010

The Day the Hipsters Went to Market

Last weekend, Meaghan, Heather and I went to the OneofaKind Craft Show at the Direct Energy Centre. I'd never been, but Meaghan, her sisters, and her mum can usually get to it every year. The show gives one the opportunity to find some truly unique and interesting gifts. It also gives one the excellent opportunity to do some serious people-watching and play some White Person Travel Bingo.1

I mean, just thinking back quickly, I can tell you that I saw:
  • Large water bottle, preferably stickered
  • Peacoat
  • Political t-shirt
  • Chunky sweater
    • These two were actually together - a knitted sweater featuring Che Guevara
  • Bangs
  • Cuffed jeans
  • Mega pram
  • Shoulder bag
  • Yoga mat
  • Canvas tote
  • Moleskin notebook
  • Expensive male haircut

Yeah. Bingo. And that was probably 20 minutes in.

Seriously, though, it definitely looked like I went in the wrong door and was supposed to be going to the Marlies game. Perhaps if I still had my beard, or was carrying a child in a swaddling clothes/shoulder harness combo, or was wearing a scarf for fashion rather than warmth purposes...actually, I think all of those things were for sale at the show.

But, all things considered, it was actually pretty cool. We all managed to score a few Christmas gifts - which I will not detail here, so as not to spoil any surprises - but I am definitely bringing a marker and game board next time.

1 - If you're only going to play Bingo, make other plans for the day - someone will win within about 10 minutes

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