Saturday, December 11, 2010

Falala Lala Lala I Quit

Including today, I have only four shifts remaining until I am done at the Mart. When I first gave my notice, I figured those 2+ weeks would soar by - I would not need to get upset at customer or corporate ignorance as, by the end of the month, I would not need to deal with it. Unfortunately, the best laid plans and all that.

I've mentioned this before, but clearly it still needs to be said.


Christmas is wonderful. Working retail at Christmas sucks.1 For some reason, the shops seem filled with customers that can't help but spit vile venom at we poor bastards who are working behind cash registers. Of course, in reality, it's more like 1 out of 100 customers, but when you're serving at least 100 customers per day, there you go.

We, as retail employees, do not, in fact, ask customers to trumpet our virtues2, but we would greatly prefer not to be harangued for every little thing that is perceived as wrong within our store. We're the ones working late, and working weekends, and forgoing our Christmas shopping so that we can provide the customer with a positive shopping experience.

To make matters worse, we are often working in a place that disproportionately punishes poor reviews in relation to positive ones, which makes all snarky comments doubly hard to handle.

But, seeing as I now have to go in to work and would like to do so without steam shooting from my ears, I will stop.

All I can ask is that people use the same good cheer that causes them to get their co-workers, or mailman, or dentist, or teacher a small token of the season with retail employees. Seriously, we're a cheap date. We'd love a smile, but we'd settle for not having our perceived "rudeness"3 relayed to management.

Merry Christmas. I quit.

1 - I know that it's not only retail that sucks at this, or any other time of year, but I work in retail, so I get to complain about retail
2 - Even if the occasional nice word to someone in charge would be appreciated
3 - Read: "You didn't get your way"

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