Thursday, December 09, 2010

The Great Suitcase Debacle

Recently, Meaghan and I went on a fabulous Caribbean cruise. Most all things went as planned, despite being kept out of one port due to bad weather, and a rather unpleasant sunburn. Yes, most all things went as planned, until we attempted to get home.

The following is the true tale of what happens when you don't ask questions that you don't think you need to ask:

We checked into Miami International Airport about 4 hours before our flight was departing. It was a bit of a strange experience as, despite informing the lady at the ticket counter of our flight numbers and the destinations, she was unsure what flight we were on. Once figured out though, we checked everything through, and received our boarding passes. Upon these boarding passes were luggage stickers. Upon these luggage stickers were the letters MIA-->YYZ, signifying (to us, at least) that our luggage would go directly from Miami to Toronto, as there were a few direct flights earlier in the day. So, we did some duty free shopping, and proceeded to wait for four hours.

We boarded the plane nearly half an hour early, but did not leave until two minutes past the expected departure time due to late people. But, the flight went well, and we arrived in Montreal with no problems. We only had a half-hour before boarding began for our connecting flight, but Trudeau isn't a very big airport, so we figured we'd be fine.

We were (partially) wrong.

We darted through the airport, flying up and down escalators, and finally arrived at the connections desk where we were informed that our baggage had not been checked through to Toronto, and that we needed to collect it. Unfortunately, we could not collect it as we'd already passed through security. Although we were given very specific instructions about how to collect our luggage and hopefully catch our flight, we were informed that we probably wouldn't make it (thanks!).

After receiving the third degree as to why we did not pick up our luggage (we're from Ontario and got our instructions from an American probably would have sufficed since our plea was basically "We're stupid"), we rushed to departures, found a wonderful, wonderful lady that had been informed of our situation that rushed us to security where our bags were checked through the special "Oversized Bags" area, which is located in a wonderful dark and dank corner of the airport. And, after our mad dash through the airport, we were finally informed that the flight was delayed 20 minutes and hadn't even landed, so we could relax.

To top everything off, Pinball Clemons was on our return flight sitting two rows in front of us.

Oh, and our bags actually arrived, without being detonated. No thanks to Miami International Airport.

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good god!!! i don't know what to say ;)