Sunday, February 20, 2011

Pick Enterprise, We'll Pick You Up... the middle of God damned nowhere.

I'm nearly at the 3-month mark of my career with Enterprise, and while I enjoy many, many parts of it, I'm starting to develop a bit of a hatred for a few of the more annoying aspects of the job.

I've had the opportunity to work at our Alliston branch several times, which is a nice ego boost because I'm entrusted to run a branch alone. However, because of that, every single time you need to leave the branch, you need to take the office cell phone and put up a nice little sign that says you'll be back soon. That doesn't, of course, help when people call you asking crap about renting cars when you're trying to drive someone home.

I'm also getting a little tired of driving to the far-off reaches of central Ontario, picking up people that think "It's left once you get to 7 and 9" or "It's right next to the recycling plant" are helpful directions. I don't mind when I'm in Orangeville, because there are always other people at the branch, but in Alliston, when you spend five hours on the road1, and have to deal with annoyed people when you get back - yeah, not fun.

I could also do without the people that are baffled that we would ask for a credit card when renting a car. No, by all means, leave us a $100 debit deposit for this $25,000 car - that doesn't sound like it would be a bad deal for us at all.

And the final bit of craziness is the ever changing rules of our parking lot in Orangeville, where we have eight parking spaces for both our rental and personal cars, but that is an entirely different post.

Overall, though, it's actually been a pretty good job. I actually get off every night by 6:30, have only worked one Saturday2, and, for the most part, enjoy the job far more than Sport Mart.

1 - As I did last Monday - Alliston to Collingwood and back, plus one end of Alliston and back with a trip to Shelburne tacked onto the end
2 - Which was two hours of boredom followed by one hour of abject crazitude

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