Monday, March 21, 2011

Something Like A Phenomenon

When someone works at the Alliston Enterprise branch, he or she works alone. As such, whenever he or she has to pick someone up or drive someone home - which is usually at least twice per day - he or she must leave the branch unattended.

Now, whenever I leave, I put up a sign that says I'm out of the office, and attach a Post-It Note that says at what time I will be returning. No less than six times, the following scenario has unfolded:

Step 1 - Customer arrives at branch
Step 2 - Customer reads "Gone Fishin'" sign with branch's cell phone number on it and approximate return time
Step 3 - Customer reaches over sign and picks up branch telephone
Step 4 - Customer re-reads "Gone Fishin'" sign to get branch's cell phone number
Step 5 - Customer calls branch cell phone
Step 6 - Employee answers branch cell phone
Step 7 - Customer asks what time employee will be returning
Step 7a - Customer asks what time employee will be returning, mentioning that there is a sign saying at what time employee will be returning
Step 81 - Customer buggers off somewhere before employee returns, beginning the entire process one more time

And thus, each day in Alliston drives one closer to insanity.

1 - This part only happens 50% of the time

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