Tuesday, May 10, 2011

How To Tell You Watch Too Much TLC

Guided by our mutual adoration of chick flicks (and John Krasinski), Meaghan, Jenn, and I saw Something Borrowed.

Something Borrowed

While it did not exactly meet our lofty standards, it did teach me (and Meaghan and Jenn) something quite scary about myself.

The premise of the movie is as follows: Mousy Girl (Ginnifer Goodwin) meets Square-Headed Boy (Colin Egglesfield) in Law School, but neither makes a romantic move. Obnoxiously Self-Centred Friend (Kate Hudson) proceeds to meet and romance Square-Headed Boy and they ultimately become engaged. Alas, Mousy Girl and Square-Headed Boy profess their feelings for one another at her 30th birthday, and they wind up spending the night together. Antics ensue.

The movie then tracks the characters as they try to decide who likes whom, whether their relationships are actually real, and what their friendships mean to one another, all with the wedding looming in the background. It is this final point that words escaped my mouth that I never thought would.

At the beginning of the movie, it is revealed that Hudson and Egglesfield are getting married in 61 days. A scene later in the movie shows Hudson trying on wedding dresses. I turned to Meaghan and observed:

Your wedding is only 61 days away and you don't have a dress yet? How do you expect it to be altered in time?

Wait. What? Who said that?

There was a point later when Goodwin receives her wedding invitation. Meaghan, Jenn and I each had the same thought as we turned to one another and locked eyes:

Your wedding is now less than two months away and you're just sending out invitations NOW?

Hold on. Hold on. That's gotta be TLC speaking.

Alas, the wedding timeline goofs were simply an entertaining distraction from what was a rather lackluster romantic comedy that ends entirely incorrectly; the same can be said for John Krasinki.

Krasinski is not in the film nearly enough, but when he is, he provides an exceptional break from the tedium of Goodwin obsessing over Egglesford, Egglesford obsessing over Goodwin and Hudson, and Hudson obsessing over herself. The comic timing that has made Jim Halpert a star is on display in this film, and he says the things to the characters that the audience can only scream in their heads.

All in all, yeah, save Something Borrowed for a Tuesday1, and cancel my subscription to TLC.

1 - It is worth a viewing, if only for Krasinski's part and Goodwin's cuteness, but not for $11

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