Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Genesis of an Alex Anthopoulos Trade

Alex Anthopoulos: Hi, we were wondering if there was anyone you were looking to trade
Unsuspecting GM: Well, yes, we've actually grown tired of this player
AA: Oh *bats eyelashes* Why is that?
UGM: Well, the coach doesn't like him and we don't feel he's been performing to where we were expecting. Are you sure you want to take him?
AA: Hmmm...well, it could be risky, what do you want for him?
UGM: Look, to get rid of him, all I really want is someone to take his place in the field
AA: OK, well, we've got someone that fits that, but we're also working on another deal with this team, and we're looking to get this player
UGM: Really? We really like him! What can we add to the pot so we can get him?
AA: Oh...really? Well...ummm...we've had our eyes on this player for a while
UGM: Deal! But, I've got to warn you, our coach really doesn't like this guy
AA: Well, we'll see how it all works out

And that's how Alex Anthopoulos takes universally-agreed-upon high-ceiling talent from other teams for magic beans.

Case in point:
Brandon Morrow
Yunel Escobar
Brett Lawrie

And now:

Colby Rasmus

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