Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Blue Jay Bashing

With the Jays squaring off against the Baltimore Orioles (whom they usually crush) and J.J. Hardy (who usually crushes them), I thought this might be a perfect time to have a look at the players that are feasting on the Jays this year.


Mike Napoli
Mike Napoli, Texas Rangers

He was only a Jay for four days this winter, and apparently he feels like making the Jays sorry for that. He's hit the Jays to the tune of .310/.355/.586, including a pair of homeruns and seven RBI in 29 at-bats.

Honourable Mention: Carlos Santana, Cleveland, Russell Martin, New York, Robinson "Honey Nut" Chirinos, Tampa Bay (purely for his name)

First Base

Adrian Gonzalez
Adrian Gonzalez, Boston

Gonzalez has been part of MVP talks all year, and if he was able to play even more against the Jays, he'd be a shoe-in. Although he strikes out at about twice his usual rate, he's hitting .356/.431/.778 with four homers, seven doubles, and 11 RBI. Jeez.

Honourable Mention: Mark Teixeira, New York, Eric Hosmer, Kansas City, Mike Carp, Seattle

Second Base

Dustin Pedroia
Dustin Pedroia, Boston

The right side of Boston's infield is kinda torching the Jays this year. The little pest is hitting .306/.424/.531 so far, and has walked more than he's struck out. He finishes just ahead of Home Run Derby champ Cano, who just doesn't get on base quite as much.

Honourable Mention: Robinson Cano, New York, Chase Utley, Philadelphia

Third Base

Michael Young
Michael Young, Texas

Although he doesn't possess the pop of others on this list, the former Jay always seems to be in the middle of the Jays being beaten. While his OPS is .954, his .385 average - including seven doubles - means he always seems to be on base.

Honourable Mention: Kevin Youkilis, Boston, Mike Moustakas, Kansas City, Mark "Adam Dunn" Reynolds, Baltimore


J.J. Hardy
J.J. Hardy, Baltimore

The inspiration for his entire list. A line of .385/.405/.974, including six homers, five doubles, and 10 runs scored. The only thing that saves the Jays is that he's Baltimore's leadoff hitter, so he doesn't get quite as many opportunities with runners as others.

Honourable Mention: Jhonny Peralta, Cleveland, Brendan Ryan, Seattle, Jed Lowrie, Boston

Left Field

Desmond Jennings
Desmond Jennings, Tampa Bay

Brandon Morrow will probably not be sending Jennings any Christmas cards. Jennings hit two homers off of Morrow this past weekend, which helped him on his way to his line of .406/.472/.969, including five of his eight homeruns this season.

Honourable Mention: Andruw Jones, New York, Josh Willingham, Oakland, Casper Wells, Detroit/Seattle

Centre Field

Curtis Granderson
Curtis Granderson, New York

He shouldn't be the runaway favourite that he is for MVP, but Granderson certainly likes hitting against the Jays this year. His 14 RBI are the most against the Jays by any opponent, and he's hitting .388/.455/.735 with 19 hits.

Honourable Mention: Jacoby Ellsbury, Boston, Shane Victorino, Philadelphia, Grady Sizemore, Cleveland

Right Field

Nelson Cruz
Nelson Cruz, Texas

The Jays might have the best right fielder in the business manning their 9-spot, but Cruz - who has an 8 RBI game earlier this year - has tuned them up to a line of .385/.448/.808. He's got three homeruns, 12 RBI, and even has a steal.

Honourable Mention: Jeff Francoeur, Kansas City, Torii Hunter, Los Angeles, Matt Joyce, Tampa Bay

Designated Hitter

Billy Butler
Billy Butler, Kansas City

You wouldn't figure there would be any other DH but David Ortiz atop this list (he only gets an Honourable Mention), but Butler has hit the Jays at a clip of .393/.469/.750, with two homers, nine RBI and four doubles.

Honourable Mention: David Ortiz, Boston, Johnny Damon, Tampa Bay, Victor Martinez, Detroit

Starting Rotation

James Shields
James Shields, Tampa Bay

Shields has been nearly unhittable this year against the Jays. He has an ERA of 0.71 and a WHIP of 0.79. He's 3-0 against the Jays, and 9-10 against everybody else

Justin Verlander
Justin Verlander, Detroit

Speaking of unhittable. The Jays have only drawn Verlander once this year, but you may have heard about the game - one walk away from a perfect game.

David Price
David Price, Tampa Bay

Shields' southpaw counterpart hasn't been quite as dominant as he has, but few have this year. Price has an ERA of 2.08, a WHIP of 0.86 and 35 strikeouts, including a franchise-high 14 this past weekend. At least the Jays beat him once, but it took a hell of an effort from Ricky Romero.

Ervin Santana
Ervin Santana, Los Angeles

The Jays have only squared off against him twice, and he's 1-1, but he's got a 13:3 K:BB ratio, an ERA of 2.12 and a WHIP of 0.94.

Jon Lester
Jon Lester, Boston

Lester is the "good" Jon on Boston this year. While the Jays (and most of the AL) have beat the hell out of John Lackey this year, they seem lost against Lester. He's 2-0 in four starts, is pitching to 2.70/1.07, and has 23 strikeouts in 231/3 innings.


Kyle Farnsworth
Kyle Fansworth, Tampa Bay

Granted, a lot of it has to do with the starters that get to Farnsworth, but he's saved three Tampa Bay wins, and has pitched to an ERA of 2.45 and a WHIP of 1.09

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