Saturday, August 27, 2011

Thank You CBC - You're Stopping Abuse

Real Men Watch Coronoation St.

CBC has announced that, starting September 5, they will be moving Wheel of Fortune back to 4:30 in the afternoon to allow room for back-to-back episodes of Coronation Street.1

Up until now, the episodes the CBC has been airing are about ten months removed from their airings on ITV in England, but the back-to-back episodes starting in September are going to catch Canadian viewers up2. Of course, because the episodes have already happened, it's really rather easy to find out how various storylines are going to flesh out before they air in Canada - which has resulted in me getting smacked several times upon discovery of my prescient knowledge of events.

For example - and no, there will be no spoilers, unless you didn't know the tram was going to crash - I already know the following:

- Who dies during the tram crash

Coronation Street Tram Explosion

- The fate of John Stape

John and Fiz Stape

- An interesting development in David's love life

David Platt with a stick

- The bittersweet end of Jack Duckworth

Jack and Vera Duckworth

I started watching The Street regularly about two years ago - a little while after Liam Connor's death (in Canada) - thanks to Meaghan and her sisters. I would often interrupt the show asking questions to try and untangle for myself the various interwoven plot lines in any given story. It was this that lead me to read extensive back story on the characters and which, ultimately, lead me to read ahead3.

I immediately took a liking to several characters:

Lloyd Mullaney

The first episode I watched featured Lloyd, played by Craig Charles, who was also in Red Dwarf. If not for Lloyd, I might not have become instantly hooked into the show.

Hayley Cropper

I liked Hayley right away, with her perfect mix of enthusiasm and innocence and just the right splash of crazy. Then I found out she was transsexual! Oh, the scoop I thought I had! I reported this news to Meaghan, who responded with, "Yeah, I know." Poop.

Steve MacDonald

I took a liking to Steve right away as he seemed to have some of the more cleverly written, more acid-tongued one-liners on the show. Kind of like a much, much heavier drinking Jim Halpert.

Tony Gordon

Not only was Tony Gordon a psychopath, he was Scottish. Brilliant.

Maria Connor

Maria's a bit of a ditz, but I just liked the way she yelled "Ton-eh!" when calling to her new beau that was responsible for the murder of her husband. Like I said, ditz.

Tyrone Dobbs

Poor Tyrone. Molly's a bitch.

But, I digress. Clearly, I enjoy the show. Probably too much. But I'm not ashamed.4 It holds a dorky little place in my heart, due to the occasional comments in regards to British shows I've watched previously, and the much more than occasional use of various British slang words which I find unfailingly hilarious.

Thank you CBC for offering us 10 episodes per week, and getting us to all the storylines for which I have suffered endless shoulder punch related abuses to learn about.

1 - Plus a lot of other things which, apparently, revolve around people remaking semi-popular Canadian pop songs to varying degrees of success
2 - What will happen once they catch up, I don't know...
3 - Which is why I shouldn't get hit so hard, in my opinion!
4 - Perhaps I'll call Hitz FM

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