Sunday, October 09, 2011

The Perils of Fantasy Trading

I just finished the third season of a great Yahoo! fantasy baseball keeper league. In the first season, I finished 2nd. Last year, I won the league, after leading the league for the entire season.

This so much. I limped into the playoffs after nine straight losing weeks, and wound up finishing 8th overall. This was not entirely fluky - there were some very, very strong teams, and strong managers that paid more attention to the goings-on in the league than I, admittedly, did. I pride myself on being a very attentive manager, but I was simply overmatched this year.

That being said, the season also didn't entirely go to plan. Joe Mauer, Hanley Ramirez, and Josh Johnson - stalwarts for me during 2010 - missed significant amounts of time this year due to injury, and more or less underperformed when they were "healthy".

Then, there were the trades. In 2010, I bolstered my team by acquiring the likes of Felix Hernandez through trade; I was not as astute in 2011. That's not to say I acquired slouches. This season I brought in the following players via trade:

Albert Pujols
Tommy Hanson
Ervin Santana
Evan Longoria
David Price

All, very quality players. Unfortunately, it's who I gave up that ultimately burned me:

Albert Pujols (flipped for Longoria)
Ian Kennedy
Matt Kemp
Ike Davis
Clayton Kershaw

Yep...that'd be a serious MVP candidate and two Cy Young contenders I felt I couldn't use.

I mean, ultimately, Longoria got really hot near the end of the year, Price is a horse, and Hanson should be a star to come. But come on.

The players I traded away accumulated 42 wins, 446 strikeouts, 76 homeruns, 225 RBI, and 49 steals, and that doesn't include Davis. Not a spectacular record for the season. But, that's why it's a keeper league - there's always next year.

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