Sunday, November 27, 2011

On Pummelling Children

I was at the Chapters in Brampton this afternoon after a delightful shawarma lunch, looking to officially kick off my Christmas shopping. This is the same Chapters where I bought Russell Peters' book and had it autographed last year, and, lo and behold, it appeared they were setting up for another reading/autograph session today!

The festivities were just kicking off when I came in, so I sort of hovered as all the seats had been taken. Once I realized the author's voice would carry throughout the store, I figured I'd get some shopping done while he read.

The author was Kenneth Oppel and he was talking about and reading from his book This Dark Endeavour, a sort of prequel to Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, about Victor Frankenstein, before he became Dr. Frankenstein.

I thought this was pretty cool, as I had just, a couple of days before, thought about looking to pick up Frankenstein as I'd never read it. Oppel was going a little farther into detail of the original source material then I thought he would need to, but he soon started reading from his book.

I continued around the store, keeping an ear on his reading, but it wasn't until he finished and said that he'd take a few questions before autographing copies of his book that my ears really perked up. I've mentioned before my weakness for autographs, so I immediately darted my head around to look at the crowd. I was blocked by a couple of displays, but I could see that there were probably a good 50 people that would be ahead of me. I was just planning out the quickest way to get hold of this book (it sounded quite interesting) and elbow my way up for a signature when I heard people start asking questions.

People with high-pitched voices.

People that said they had just finished a book report on his previous novels.

People who asked questions like, "Why did you want to become a writer?"

Children people.

Kenneth Oppel is an Governor General's Literary Award winner. For children's literature.

My autograph plan involved plowing through six rows of elementary school aged children.

I did not get an autograph. Or go to jail.

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