Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Nobody Puts Tum-Tum in a Corner

It is a rare occasion that I agree with someone like Doug Ford. But, unfortunately, in this case, Fat Idiot's Brother makes a valid point.

Apparently, Ford's assistant sent around an e-mail to a Toronto District School Board trustee asking to circulate a brochure in support of the UFC's Community Works initiative ahead of an event where several UFC fighters will be speaking to GTA and London students at the Rogers Centre on issues related to bullying. UWO professor Peter Jaffe, however, feels that UFC fighters lecturing on bullying would be sending the wrong message and that the fighters lack "credibility".

Jaffe feels it's a "misnomer" to call the UFC "mixed martial arts", and feels it hypocritical that the fighters would take an anti-bullying stand.

I'm not going to argue the validity of mixed martial arts; if you like it, you like, if not, that's your opinion. Besides, any time someone tries to make a cogent argument that mixed martial arts is more than sweaty ball-punching, some meathead (probably someone like Doug or Rob Ford) comes in and reinforces the stereotype.

Instead, I will talk about bullying. To say that fighters or "goons on hockey teams" should not be lecturing about bullying completely discounts the fact that bullying is about so very much more than physical violence. It's about language, intimidation, emotional abuse, and the threat of violence.

Frankly, athletes that have studied martial arts that aim to increase a practitioner's focus, self-control, and self-confidence are probably rather a good choice to lecture a group of people that have been made to feel worthless.

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Yellow-belted bully bullies blue-belted bully
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Again, like I said, I'm not here to defend mixed martial arts, but it seems rather irresponsible to condemn an entire segment of people because of a sport in which they take part.

Sounds like something a bully would do.

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