Sunday, April 01, 2012

We Went to New York and We ♥ It

For whatever reason, I've not yet gotten around to recounting Meaghan's and my trip to wonderful New York City in December. It may have something to do with the sheer scope of a trip to New York, and one's inability to put it into words. More likely, it may have something to do with laziness.

I've been to a few places in my time - Vegas, England, Boston - and while I don't wish to be one of those guys that tells you, "You absolutely must go to 'x'", well, you absolutely must go to New York. While I'm always pretty happy to go anywhere, there are two places that I will go back to at any opportunity - Prince Edward Island, and, now, New York City1.

Filled with its fair share of tourist attractions, New York also boasts a pretty awesome subway system and is laid out in a delightfully easy grib pattern that, if you're willing to pound the pavement, will more or less get you wherever you need to go. We got as far north as the Museum of Natural History - which ate up a solid six hours of our first day - at 79th Street, and as far south as Battery Park at the southern tip of Manhattan - well, technically, Ellis and Liberty Island are farther south, but we took a ferry to get there.

We took plenty of pictures at the usual spots - the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, the Met and Guggenheim, Madison Square Garden, the Empire State Building, Times Square, and Rockefeller Center - but also spent some time in Greenwich Village and SoHo feeling very hipster-esque (and eating in pizza places). We visited the High Line - a former elevated train system that's been turned into a community garden - and Jerry Orbach Way. We took in a Broadway showing of The Addams Family (where I got Brooke Shields' autograph!) We managed not to spend an inordinate amount of money - like Vegas, it's really easy to blow a significant amount of money in New York, but you don't have to - but still got to see more or less everything we wanted to (including several Gossip Girl and Sex and the City sites).

There's simply too many inside joke stories to share here, but, like I said, rest assured that a trip to New York would never be a wasted journey.

1 - It's not very often you'll see PEI and New York compared in the same breath, until they make Anne of Green Gables a guest star in the next Sex and the City movie

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