Friday, July 20, 2012

Biggs and Barr-B-Q

I would have posted this sooner, but considering I've been up at 3:30 for 11 days out of the past two weeks, I haven't exactly had the energy. But, despite being somewhat sick, I do have today off and must recount the wonders that occurred two weeks ago at Safari Niagara.

It originally looked as though we wouldn't be able to go, as I'm not usually off Fridays unless I can bargain my sleep for one (as I did for this event). But, luckily, in exchange for a horrifically early morning on the following Saturday, we got our very reasonably priced $19.97 tickets and headed on down to see some monkeys and some music.

The show was being held in Safari Niagara's amphitheatre, but the ticket gained you access to the entire park, so, despite the heat, we took a wander through the zoo and, among other things, saw MONKEYS. It was actually a very nice zoo, and there were lots of things to see, so that was a nice little bit of added value to the entire experience.

Biggs and Barr were broadcasting from just inside the park, and while we stalked them along with Jamie for a good portion of the night, we didn't really feel like bothering them for pictures and autographs. I mean, really, while I'm sure it would have been the highlight of their night to meet us, I'm also sure they'd probably like to enjoy the show and not be stopped every 10 minutes.

We were not, however, afraid to bother The Castros, who were performing out front. They had their CD for sale, and after I'd bought it, I asked if they'd be willing to sign it for me. Not only did they sign the CD (the jacket was very hard to sign), they gave me another copy of their CD, lest their signatures "wreck" the copy I bought. Now, that is a group of good Canadian boys.

After our autograph hounding, we headed into the amphitheatre to find some food - it was a barbecue, after all - and kept ourselves lubricated in the heat as we waited for the sun to go down (and people watched). The show featured The Standstills (winners of 97.7's Rock Search competition), Monster Truck, and Big Wreck (who I've sorta seen, as I worked Thornley's show at Georgian).

I hadn't really heard much of the Standstills - I knew who they were, but hadn't heard them play - so I was very pleasantly surprised to enjoy them as much as I did.

In between sets, I tried my best to catch a few shirts from the T-Shirt cannon, to no avail, so I went back to our sun-hardened spot on the grass and hunkered down in preparation to have our faces rocked off by Monster Truck. Although I was only familiar with a couple of songs (I did buy their CDs), they rocked our collective socks off.

I was also able to catch an autograph at the end of the show - which I forgot to scan, and will put up later - and we got ready for Big Wreck. And they definitely did not disappoint.

Nad actually rekindled my interest in Big Wreck after having met Ian Thornley in a bar, and, lo and behold, there was a new Big Wreck album being released! They played a pretty even combination of old and new - including a couple of Thornley songs - and as I had listened to their new album virtually non-stop for two days, I was familiar with just about everything.

All in all, the very early morning the following day was well worth the event, and when this time rolls around next year, we'll be right there (with lawnchairs).

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