Thursday, July 05, 2012

Wonderland - Now Featuring More Popped Collars

We used to go to Wonderland on a fairly regular basis - 3 to 4 times per season - but lately, it's simply been too hard to get a large enough group together to make the trip. Luckily, though, Enterprise is quite good at doing group outings1, so a couple of weekends ago, to Wonderland we went!

The big plan was to hit Leviathan, so we hit it first. It's...big. Admittedly, I wailed like a child and didn't open my eyes during the first big drop, all while Meaghan told me to keep my eyes open2. It was, however, really quite fun, and is one of the longer rides at the park - value!

We hit the other usual spots - including the Wild Beast, a delightful wooden coaster that beats the hell out of you if you're bigger than 5'8" and 140 pounds - and I went on Psyclone for the first time and instantly fell in love with it3.

We decided to forgo the barbecue lunch as, frankly, I was tired of work-related discussion4. But, we did get a chance to play a fun game of "Spot the Enterprise Employee" - a few telltale signs are popped collars/tight t-shirts, spiked hair, and a lack of girlfriends. One non-Enterpriser, though, was sporting an epic rat-tail mullet, which I'll post a picture of if I can find it on the camera.

We were also relieved that not all the Wonderland niceties with which we grew up have disappeared. We were concerned when we saw a number of empty cars going by on rides we were waiting for that the age-old custom of allowing other people to go ahead when you're waiting to go with a group had disappeared. It seems, however, to be more reflective of the layout of the line at the ride, as we managed to get on a bit earlier a couple of times because of a few conscientious riders (around our age, just to make a passive-aggressive point about the younger generation).

Oh, and we finished off with a rain-quickened second ride on Leviathan. I kept my eyes open. It was freakin' awesome. I still screamed like a girl.

1 - Without saying as much, I think they realize just how little time employees have for a social life
2 - The same thing happened on the ride at the top of the Stratosphere in Vegas
3 - Despite going to a "child's restraint" which required me to move as I'm not a child
4 - Again, no time for a social life

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