Monday, June 10, 2013


It's been a rough six months in our household, having lost our dog, my nan, and, this past weekend, my cousin Kyle.  This really is no place for serious topics, so I'll be brief.

Both Nan and Kyle "fought" cancer - although Nan did not succumb to it, but rather complications of being nearly 90 - but I've never been sure that that's such a good term for it, as it implies winners and losers and serves to elevate one above the other.  I know that's never how it's intended, but it doesn't do just service to two people that would certainly not wish for such an elevation.  However, I lack a better word for it.

They both fought for no nobler purpose than because it was an obstacle placed in front of them.  There was no self-pity, and no call for sympathy, but they acted as an inspiration to those around them simply by going about their daily lives.  Beyond possessing something indefinable, they were, in entirely, indefinable.

This all sounded better in my head.

Joan Elise Fish - April 25, 1923-November 25, 2012
Kyle Donovan Miller - July 31, 1981-June 7, 2013

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starlite said...

That is a lovely way to honour them. They surely are.