Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I Am the Nerd King!

We went to see a Most Wanted Monday viewing of Serenity and I was very unceremoniously dropped back into a previous world - that of FanExpo1, Blockbuster, EB Games, and High Nerdery.

We counted four Jayne hats and four "Keep Calm and Something Not Clever"2 t-shirts, plus a number of poor beards, and a solid 90/10 male/female ratio. The movie was a nice follow-up to two weeks of catching up with Firefly, and I was surprised how much I remembered as it went along, having not seen it in six or seven years.

The most important part of the evening, though? I won TimePlay, and was lauded as King of the Nerds, cheered by my subjects in the darkened theatre as the nasal laughter died down.

I can die happy now. They'll probably shoot me off into space, or some shit.

1 - Which I may well be going to this year
2 - It would be superb if that saying melted back into pre-World War II obscurity

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