Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Hunt is Over

After three-and-a-half months of (earnest) searching, our hunt for a home in Tottenham is finally over. If my math and memory are correct, we looked at 17 houses, including a couple of re-visits.

It was about a dozen houses before we both saw something that we immediately wanted; that house, of course, was sold 5 minutes after our viewing.  There wasn't much more to speak of until we saw the place that we ultimately wound up buying, on a street that, until then, had not produced any houses in our price range.

Within three days, we had viewed the house twice, made an offer (which was an ordeal that I won't put here, but will happily discuss individually), and had a house!

We close on Hallowe'en - so we'll have to arrange some sort of candy distribution system so as not to move into an egged house - but we'll probably slowly move in throughout November; it's nice to not have someone else pushing us out the door.

Until then, the basement will look like this:

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