Monday, September 09, 2013

What Are We Going to Do Tonight, Brain?

Have some messed up dreams, that's what.

I don't usually remember my dreams for long after I have them, and, even when I do, they're not often particularly memorable. Then I slept like crap last night and had this dream:

First, I was in the lower gym at ODSS, trying to organize some sort of a curling event - $5 if you had a piece of charcoal, $6 if you didn't (?). Lots of people signed up, no one actually wanted to curl, which was apparently my fault.

That portion of the dream didn't last long though, as, soon, I was berating a moviegoer in a huge theatre for being a obnoxious tool1, before moving down the aisle. We were seeing The Adjustment Bureau, except that it wasn't The Adjustment Bureau, that was just its title; it was actually Minority Report.2 Movie douche was still barking at everyone he could, and rubbing his bare feet on the bald head of the gentleman two rows in front of him; we could see all this because the movie was...not...starting.

And that, for some reason, was the part that actually woke me up from the dream and left me unable to fall back to sleep for nearly an hour. There were four previews for movies that were each about 10 minutes long, and this actually made me mad enough that I woke up throttling a pillow.

What...the hell? I can't even be bothered to look up some of the symbolism in the dream, it so inexplicably irritated me. Rarely will you see me post about dreams - the next one will have to top this piece of crap.

1 - No half-turn here!
2 - I like Philip K. Dick, but not so much that I've ever dreamed about him or his works3
3 - Nor have I ever dreamed of electric sheep4
4 - Nerd joke!

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