Thursday, October 03, 2013

Dee 'ockey 'all of Fame - You Won't Know What 'it You

Baseball Hall of Fame, but that doesn't sound as good in a bad French accent.

Dad and I went to the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame in St. Mary's, Ontario this past weekend - may I highly suggest that any baseball fans make that trek.

We've twice been to Cooperstown - one on a long weekend, and another on induction weekend, which is...insane - and while it's obviously baseball Mecca, St. Mary's actually comes pretty close.

It's not immediately an impressive place; it's a two-storey house at the top of a small hill.  As you get closer, you see the ballfield in the backyard, and the construction of the upcoming one.  Then you walk in and realize, holy hell, this place is awesome.

Obviously full of Blue Jays and Expos artifacts, there are plenty of relics of Canadian baseball - George Bell's three 1988 Opening Day homerun balls, Fergie Jenkins' Cy Young Award, Toronto 1992 and 1993 World Series rings...

Not to mention their selection of memorabilia for purchase - while mostly consisting of pictures, bats, ball, and cards, the prices are quite reasonable.  Even for items signed by members of Cooperstown - which generally substantially increases the value of the autograph - the prices are affordable, and their selection is pretty outstanding.

Canadian baseball fans, head on out about 45 minutes northeast of London, and check out one heck of a three-hour tour.  Just turn right at the top of St. Maria street instead of left, no matter what your GPS says.

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