Wednesday, February 05, 2014

New Lights, New Oven, New Kitten, No Border

Mostly because we've been moving into our new house, I haven't actually been able to update at all in regards to moving in a new house.  But, the urge has struck me (plus, I don't want to do a 2014 movie update yet).

We've been in the house for over four months now, and have, for about the last month or so, been able to live here full-time without finding ten new things every day that we're missing.  It's also been nice to actually have a weekend or two to relax, considering we've - with the Herculean efforts of both families - stripped a lot of border, installed 10 new light fixtures, two mirrors, three shower heads (one twice), built two dressers, two nightstands, an entertainment centre, and eight bookshelves, and painted four rooms and two closets.

We've also, for two different occasions - the Winter Classic on New Year's Day and this past weekend's Super Bowl - hosted successful parties that have been tied into significant purchases.  On Black Friday in Buffalo, I bought a 60" TV, for the purpose of watching said sporting events, and while preparing dinner on New Year's, our oven unexpectedly burst into flame1.

All of this has put on hold our plans for a dishwasher and an entry from the garage, and has caused the need to buy a fridge that matches the oven, but with the amount of snow we've had to deal with, we've not really had to worry about what else we can spend money on.  But, if anyone wants to buy us any of those...

Anyway, we're here, we have a kitten that is slowly taking the house over, and we're available for major sporting events (assuming they're on our cable package).

1 - A dramatic sounding, but not at all untrue description of what happened

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